DynaGuard®: Unmatched Strength, Adventure Ready.

Performance Protective Coating


Experience the pinnacle of protective coatings with DynaGuard® by NCP Coatings. Engineered for superior performance, DynaGuard offers unmatched strength and durability for any adventure. Our high-performance 2K Polyurethane coating is designed with industry-leading chemical and impact resistance, ensuring your vehicle, component or platform stands the test of time in the toughest environments. Effortlessly applied with various equipment, DynaGuard is the ultimate choice for those seeking excellence in protection and performance.

Why DynaGuard?


DynaGuard delivers superior impact resistance and resists abrasion, UV rays, and environmental wear, maintaining its protective qualities over time.

Chemical Resistance

With industry-leading chemical resistance, DynaGuard ensures your surfaces remain protected from spills and harsh substances.

Effortless Application

Quick and easy to apply using Schutz guns and HVLP systems, DynaGuard provides a variety of dry textures to suit your needs.

Color Variety

Available in a range of custom colors, DynaGuard can be tailored to meet specific aesthetic requirements.

Market Segments


Protects vehicle beds, undercarriages, and exteriors from impact and environmental damage.


Safeguards construction equipment and tools, ensuring longevity and reliability on-site.


Provides superior protection for boats and marine equipment against saltwater and harsh marine environments.


Enhances the durability of recreational vehicles and equipment, making them ready for any adventure.


Offers robust protection for industrial machinery and tools, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.


Shields agricultural machinery and vehicles from chemicals and abrasives, extending their lifespan.