SiloxoShield® N-85VI Series

N-85VI: the 1K Polysiloxane Advantage

NCP Aerospace N-85VINCP Coatings produces a technologically advanced 1K polysiloxane topcoat, SiloxoShield® N-85VI Series, for aerospace applications.

Today, most aerospace coatings are two-component (2K) polyurethane-based paints that use isocyanate curing agents that are potential respiratory and physical health hazards. NCP’s N-85VI Series topcoats are isocyanate free, eliminating those potential hazards.

These topcoats meet or exceed the same US Department of Defense specification requirements and performance as 2K polyurethanes.

It’s easy to use and may be spray-applied using existing application equipment in traditional 2K polyurethane application environments.

Other N-85VI Advantages

• a relatively infinite pot life
• easy cleanup with traditional solvents and equipment
• single-component product, so it’s ready-mixed and error-proof
• reduced waste since no other components are required
• can be retouched or stenciled after overnight dry without scuffing
• a significant reduction in weight as compared to conventional coatings while maintaining high performance durability
• UV stable, meeting or exceeding many of today’s coating requirements

Pending listing to Tech Orders 1-1-8 and 35-1-3.
Pending submittal to MILPRF85285 and MILPRF32239.