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NCP donates paint to help restore the St. Joseph Lighthouse

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High Performance Industrial, Military and Forestry Coatings

NCP Coatings Inc. is a manufacturer and international distributor of high performance primers, top coats and coatings. We’ve been a family-owned business for three generations now. During this time we’ve grown exponentially—from just one office in Niles and now with over one hundred employees. As we’ve grown into an international company, we’ve taken our locally-owned, personalized, and customer-first mentality with us while fostering a culture of improvement and expansion.

Our commitment to clients is undeniable. We strive to correct any problems quickly, comprehensively, and hopefully face-to-face.

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NCP Product Lines

NCP Coatings Inc. offers a wide selection of high performance products for use in a variety of fields. If you need primers, top coats and more then we have a high performance product designed for your project!

Here is a short rundown of some of our products:

BarkMarkBarkmark Logo

BarkMark is a water-soluble marking paint that makes it easier to apply long-lasting markings to trees. Available in several different vivid colors, BarkMark is available in paint form and we’ve also recently added the new and exciting BarkMark Aerosols. This addition just lends our customers another convenient way to mark trees.

DynaSpecBarkmark Logo

The DynaSpec line of products is especially useful for military use. We go above and beyond the strict guidelines put forth by ARL and TACOM. Which means it's also right for civilian use.

DynaMatchBarkmark Logo

DynaMatch is a high performance primer used to coat metal pipes, boats, trailers, decks, and industrial products.

SiloxoGripBarkmark Logo

Ten percent of our workforce is dedicated to research and development. The SiloxoGrip is the culmination of our efforts to invent a new nonskid deck coating to be used on boats and ships or any surface that needs slip resistance.

SmartTouchBarkmark Logo

SmartTouch is a complete brush and spray touch-up kit.

September 3, 2014, 1:56 pm
“I continue buying NCP Coatings products because of your excellent customer support. “
Indy Powder Coatings
July 24, 2014, 1:41 pm
The product is spectacular as well as the customer service and technical departments. It's rare to find a group of people that want to help vs. just sell something. Excellent product performance with hands on 1 on 1 training.