Forestry Products

Forestry & Boundary Marking Paint

BarkMark is an exciting line of forestry and boundary marking paint available to customers throughout the world. BarkMark water-soluble forestry paints are the most durable on the market. Available in several different vibrant colors, the boundary marking paints leave highly visible marks which will remain for six to eight years on all timber stands and tree types.

There is no avoiding the elements while marking trees and boundaries in the forest. We’ve developed paint to withstand the strains of nature. BarkMark can be applied in the most extreme conditions, even in temperatures as low as -20°F. An advanced trigger pull provides an ease of use not seen in our competitors’ forest marking paint delivery systems.

We recently developed a tree marking paint to help make our client’s lives easier. BarkMark Aerosols continue our long tradition of innovation. These twelve ounce cans come in seven different colors and are a lighter, more convenient option for forest marking.



Forestry Offerings

BarkMark® Water-Reducible Tree Marking Paints

NCP Coatings is proud to offer our long lasting BarkMark water reducible tree marking paints. This product line is available in highly visible colors providing clear marks for 6-8 years on all timber stands and tree types.

BarkMark+® tree marking is conveniently packaged in both dome topped quart cans and square plastic gallon cans designed for ease of use in the field.
Unique lead free alkyd emulsion meeting the high standards required by professional foresters.  This product was engineered with a viscosity allowing easy trigger pull, while also improving the paints natural ability to hang on the bark.  Can be sprayed down to -20°F.  No need for chemicals to clean up at the end of the day, clean up the BarkMark with water.


BarkMark Boundary Solvent-Based Marking Paint

NCP Coatings also offers our long lasting BarkMark boundary marking paints. This long lasting product line is available in highly visible colors and is designed to clearly mark the boundary lines of your property or stand.

BarkMark boundary marking paints come in round gallon cans and are designed to be brush applied for maximum efficiency (can be reduced with mineral spirits for spray applications).

Lead free alkyd enamel formulated to give the long last mark required by professionals when designating boundaries.  This product will maintain its outstanding visibility for 6-8 years before you need to reapply.  This is designed to be applied with a brush and can be applied in temperatures down to -20°F.  Can be mixed with mineral spirits if you want to spray it on.  This paint dries fast and is rain fast within 1 hour after application.

BarkMark Aerosol Tree and Boundary Paint

BarkMark aerosol cans provide a nice alternative for those who prefer the ease of a spray can. Our 12oz. cans come in all of our seven highly visible colors to fit your marking needs. Tested for spray ability from  -20° to 140° F.