Coming Together

SSPC, NACE to Merge

SSPC NACE combo logo

On Saturday, March 14, NACE International’s Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of the resolution to bring the combination of NACE and SSPC, including the creation of “NewOrg” (actual name TBD) and “NewOrg Institute” (actual name also TBD), to a member vote. Following the board’s vote, the next step toward combining the organizations is a member vote by the full memberships of both NACE and SSPC which will be held online from April 3-17, 2020.

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) will share free and open-to-members virtual town hall meetings.

An active member, NCP Coatings looks forward to the innovations and efficiencies the vote may bring.

Recognized for its innovative products and collaborative mindset, NCP is an award-winning member of SSPC.

NCP SSPC Award for USS Essex


See the SSPC-NACE press release and town hall meeting schedules here.