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MIL-DTL-64159B Waterborne CARC Topcoat Type II

Aliphatic Polyurethane 2k Water Dispersible CARC, Polymeric Flattened MIL-DTL-64159, Type II CARC is a two-component water-reducible polyurethane Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) for military equipment. It is engineered to be 1) effectively decontaminated after exposure to chemical and biological warfare agents and 2) proven visual and infrared camouflage for military vehicles and equipment.


SiloxoShield®: Polysiloxane Top Coats

SiloxoShield® I & II polysiloxane top side coatings were formulated by Navy Research Laboratory, scaled up and manufactured exclusively by NCP Coatings LLC. SiloxoShield I & II are improvements in industrial polysiloxane coatings, having urethane-like quality without the need or use of hazardous polyisocyanate catalysts.




DynaGrip® is a flexible polyurethane nonskid coating with a texture profile designed to replace adhesive nonskid tapes prone to delamination. DynaGrip has excellent durability, color retention and stain resistance. It can be applied as is or top-coated with 2K urethanes in a desired color. As a flexible nonskid coating, necessary for applications where expansion and contraction or the flexing of the substrate may be a concern, DynaGrip can be either roll or spray applied.




SiloxoGrip® is NCP’s siloxane nonskid deck coating. Characterized by excellent durability, color retention, stain and chemical resistance, SiloxoGrip has low solar absorbance and a moisture tolerance that permits broader application windows. These characteristics combine to offer three to five times the life expectancy over conventional nonskid coatings on the market today. SiloxoGrip may be roll or spray applied.