Thermal Spray Nonskid System

Improve Overall Nonskid Performance

NCP Thermal Spray Nonskid Thermal Spray Nonskid System

Introducing NCP Coatings Thermal Spray Nonskid (TSN) System. Engineered to satisfy the performance requirements for vertical takeoff aircraft from ships’ surfaces. This table represents an all-single-component polysiloxane system. It includes a water viscosity clear sealer to seal and corrosion-protect the thermal spray nonskid material by weeping through the matrix of the metalized thermal spray to encapsulate it and seal the raw deck surface below.

Followed by a low gloss 1K polysiloxane in deck gray, adding a further layer of corrosion and UV protection, it helps the TSN to blend in with the surrounding deck.

Finally, color-appropriate VLA lines are added. These also use a specially designed low-gloss single-component polysiloxane in the appropriate white, yellow and red marking colors.

U.S. Navy photo