DynaGuard SmoothDynaGuard Smooth®

DynaGuard™ is NCP’s 2-component urethane coating. Choose DynaGuard Smooth® when a highly flexible, impact-resistant and UV-stable finish is demanded. DynaGuard is ideal for trailer, agricultural, off-road and heavy equipment manufacturers seeking impact resistance and color retention for their finished goods. DynaGuard Smooth can be formulated in a full range of custom colors to meet your company’s or customers’ needs. Apply via conventional pressure feed, airless or air-assisted airless spray equipment.

DynaGuard ORDynaGuard OR®

When tough bedliner qualities are wanted, consider DynaGuard OR® (orange peel). This is a 2-component urethane coating engineered to be highly flexible, impact-resistant and UV stable. No fading! And no need for expensive plural-component equipment or dedicated bedliner spray booths, unlike applying traditional polyurea bedliners. For DynaGuard OR, use either conventional pressure feed systems for larger production runs or convenient handheld, off-the-shelf undercoating spray guns. DynaGuard OR comes in black (N-9564A) as a standard color; custom colors available. TDS here.



For Trailers

NCP offers a full array of coatings to fit your price point and performance needs in the highly competitive utility trailer and over-the-road industry. These coatings have been formulated to offer fast-drying, low-to-high gloss finishes in conventional or low VOC, and low HAP coatings.






NCP Ag and Heavy Equip

Agriculture/Heavy Equipment

This market has evolved. Today’s customers demand high performance coatings that will take daily abuse: from the sun’s harsh rays, dirt and rain to high pressure washes, gasoline, hydraulic fluids and chemicals.




DynaMatch BoatingRecreational Boating

NCP has supplied the U.S. Navy since the early 1970s. Today, we’re a proud supplier to civilian manufacturers like G3. NCP has a line of low-VOC, low-HAP wash primers, fast-drying production enamels and urethane systems designed to meet the requirements of the aluminum boat market.