Polysiloxane Nonskid & Nonslip Coatings


SiloxoGrip® is a step up in industrial polysiloxane coatings. Formulated by the Navy Research Laboratory (NRL) and manufactured by NCP Coatings, this nonskid/nonslip coating is designed for better performance, enhanced durability and extended life-cycles.

The polysiloxane backbone of this coating demonstrates chemical resistance, including more porous resistance to hydrocarbons and other chemicals. That makes SiloxoGrip more durable and easier to clean. This contributes to a topcoat with unmatched color retention when compared to other nonskid/nonslip products.

Ship decks remain cooler and won’t increase a ship’s thermal load. SiloxoGrip retains a high coefficient of friction in wet and dry environments alike, making its nonskid/nonslip properties more effective than ever.

Finally, this product looks great!

SiloxoGrip coating is amine blush resistant and easy to apply. It’s ideally suited for highly humid and low ambient temperature industrial environments. New low viscosity ingredients make application easier than ever. Mix for at least five minutes, then paint or spray for quick and lasting results.

We meet all NRL and marine specifications. Use SiloxoGrip is the nonskid/nonslip coating for some of the world’s harshest environments. This deck coating lasts more than three times longer than less advanced epoxy resins.

Don’t leave the finish, durability or true pigment of your deck coating up to chance – rely on SiloxoGrip, the global leader in polysiloxane coating.

SiloxoGrip Nonskid & Nonslip Coating Features

  • Easily cleaned
  • Durability in extreme weather conditions
  • Low solar absorption
  • Coating can be applied by rolling or spraying
  • 24 hour dry time
  • Repels hydrocarbons

Low Solar Absorption Single Sheet


SiloXoGrip N-9020A/B Deck Gray

N-9020A/B Deck Gray: spray applied using Pentech USA Non-Skid Sprayer
2K “Color Topping” with VLA Markings
U.S. Navy Platform: USS Manchester LCS-14 Date applied: November 2019
Location: 32nd Street Naval Yard San Diego CA
Contractor: Surface Technologies (photo: Bernard Maertz, STC)