SiloxoShield®: Polysiloxane Topcoats


Innovative Polysiloxane Paints and Coatings – SiloxoShield®

Formulated by Navy Research Laboratory, SiloxoShield® polysiloxane topside coatings have been scaled and manufactured exclusively by NCP Coatings. SiloxoShield topside coatings have superior UV stability to conventionally available products on the market today. Imagine a step-up in industrial polysiloxane coatings: SiloxoShield possesses urethane-like quality without the need or use of hazardous isocyanates.

SiloxoShield I: Ship’s Forces Can Apply with No Dry Dock

Ready-to-roll (or brush or spray), SiloxoShield I is a single-component (1K) polysiloxane technology QPL approved to MIL-DTL-24635E Type V, Class 2, Grade B. When ease of application and less waste are key, NCP’s 1K outperforms conventionally available Type V-only two-component polysiloxanes. Since SiloxoShield I is made to be rolled, brushed or sprayed, it eliminates the need and risk associated with mixing two component products.

SiloxoShield II: Extra Durability with Ultra-Low VOC

For applications where extra durability and an ultra-low VOC product is required (<24g/l), SiloxoShield II, NCP’s two-component (2K) polysiloxane technology QPL is approved to MIL-DTL-24635 Types V & VI Class 2, Grade B. In tests, it outperforms conventionally available 2K polysiloxanes. Further, SiloxoShield II can be made in smaller quantities easily and quickly than our 1-component Type V product.

Both SiloxoShield I & II are available in a full range of colors and can be formulated using low solar absorbing (LSA) pigments to reduce substrate and interior temperatures in areas with high solar loading.


SiloxoShield I & II Coating Features

  • Full range of both Federal 595 and customer specific colors
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), (hazardous air pollutants) HAP-free formulations
  • Low Solar Absorption (LSA) formulations available
  • Superior color and gloss retention
  • Improved chemical and abrasion resistance over typically available 2-component polysiloxanes
  • Improved cleanability and hydrocarbon resistance
  • SiloxoShield I’s single-component (1K) formulations are made for easy application: no mixing of A & B components required

Data Sheets

Low Solar Absorption Single Sheet