NCP Coatings Polysiloxane

NCP Coatings LLC develops and manufactures technologically advanced performance coatings solutions for commercial marine boat builders and shipyards needing marine-level protection for their fresh- or salt-water vessels.

Imagine a step-up in industrial polysiloxane coatings: consider products like SiloxoGrip® and SiloxoShield®.


SiloxoGrip is a step up in industrial polysiloxane coatings. This nonskid/nonslip coating is designed for better performance, enhanced durability and extended life-cycles. Use SiloxoGrip for even the world’s harshest environments. This deck coating lasts more than three times longer than less advanced epoxy resins.


SiloxoShield topside coatings have superior UV stability to conventionally available products, possessing urethane-like quality without hazardous isocyanates.

SiloxoShield I is a single-component (1K) polysiloxane technology. When ease of application and less waste are key, SiloxoShield I is made to be rolled, brushed or sprayed. It eliminates the need and risk associated with mixing two component products.

For extra durability and ultra-low VOC (<24g/l), choose SiloxoShield II, NCP’s two-component (2K) polysiloxane coating. It outperforms conventionally available 2K polysiloxanes and can be made easily and quickly in smaller quantities.

Both SiloxoShield I & II are available in a full range of colors and can be formulated using low solar absorbing (LSA) pigments to reduce substrate and interior temperatures in areas with high solar loading.

SiloxoShield I & II Coating Features

  • Full range of both Federal 595 and customer specific colors
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), (hazardous air pollutants) HAP-free formulations
  • Low Solar Absorption (LSA) formulations available
  • Superior color and gloss retention
  • Improved chemical and abrasion resistance over typically available 2-component polysiloxanes
  • Improved cleanability and hydrocarbon resistance
  • SiloxoShield I’s single-component (1K) formulations are made for easy application: no mixing of A & B components required

SiloxoGrip Nonskid & Nonslip Coating Features

  • Easily cleaned
  • Durability in extreme weather conditions
  • Low solar absorption
  • Coating can be applied by rolling or spraying
  • 24 hour dry time
  • Repels hydrocarbons

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